Portland, Oregon

Portland wasn’t what I wanted it to be. The trouble with having an idealised view of a place. I spent most of the time unwell and unable to leave the comfort of my hostel, HI Northwest. A nice place, if a little rustic in parts.

I travelled from Seattle in the afternoon. The trip uneventful. The driver apathetic and sarcastic, oddly refreshing in the typically cheery and happy Pacific Northwest. He lets us know when our bus will arrive in Portland, ‘sometime before tomorrow’. It’s due to get in by 3pm but as I’ve learnt already transport rarely runs to time out here.

I’ve been battling the dreaded travel flu since I arrived. It’s the first time I’ve been unwell in a hostel and it’s sh*te. No amount of orange juice or tea is helping. I wish I’d put aside an emergency Air BnB fund for days like this.

By the second full day of this I’ve had enough. It’s hot outside and my head aches but I can’t stand the sight of my dorm room any longer. And so finally I managed to explore a little and take a few photos.

Walking down to the Saturday markets. Lots of food, pottery, and beautiful handmade jewellery. I had planned to grab a doughnut from the legendary Voodoo Doughnuts, but one look at the queue and I decided no doughnut was worth that wait. Instead going to Blue Star Donuts round the corner.

DSC_0782The ridiculously long queue for Doughnuts

A stroll in to Powell’s Books proved entirely worth the trip. Books, books and more books. A mixture of new and second hand, from cookery to science fiction, travel, American History. Not just another bookstore.

IMG_20170709_163947_106[1744]Exploring the shelves in Powell’s Books

Finally a walk through the rose gardens before I had to give in and rest. Even with a blocked nose these smelt beautiful.

But overall Portland was a tad disappointing. Too many homeless people, too many people shouting random abuse in the street. I never really felt all that comfortable here.

My apologies Portland, Seattle already stole my heart.


The Rose Gardens. Over 600 varieties of roses, many which will never make it to the common market

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