Who am I?

Just a Scottish girl getting lost in North America

Hello! I guess I need an introduction. Honestly I didn’t expect anyone but my family to read any of this.

I suppose I started life in Glasgow, Scotland. Did well in school, went off to uni and studied maths, yes I’m a big nerd and I don’t care. I got a job working as an analyst for the NHS (National Health Service) in Edinburgh, and is it sad to admit that I love it? Most of the time. And then, one New Years eve back in 2015 after a few too many glasses of fizz, I have an idea!

I scribble a brief list of 8-ish things I want to achieve in the next 12 months, things as simple as letting myself watch TV without feeling guilty, draw more, normal things. All but one. ‘Move to Canada, or Australia’.

And the last one, ‘Don’t punish yourself if you achieve none of the above’.

So I do it, all it takes is registering for the pools after all. Give them my name and email address and it’s done. They’re not actually going to pick me anyway, and if they do it’ll be months from now. I’ve got loads of time!

Until.. 6 days later. Congratulations!! Your name has been selected! You now have just 30 days to complete your visa application.

Oh. Shit.

I guess I believe in fate, loosely. Certain pivotal events which are meant to be, pushing us beyond our comfort zone.

And so now over a year and a half later, and two months since I started this adventure, here I am. Sitting in Banff writing. I’ve travelled all over North America, met some amazing people, and seen the most wonderful things. It’s not always been glamorous, there have been times when I’ve felt like giving up, but there’s always been something better just around the corner.

And it sure beats sitting at a desk all day for the rest of my life wondering.